Nasuni Analytics Connector - Azure

Turn file data into business insight by making it accessible to third-party cloud services.

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To get started using the Nasuni Analytics Connector on Azure, first download and read the docs.

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Download the NAC Manager

To manage the Nasuni Analytics Connector on Azure, a CLI is now available. You can leverage the NAC Manager CLI in automated workflows, or use it for one-time deployments with its easy-to-use wizard.

Download the NAC Manager zip for your preferred operating system and reference the docs for installation instructions.


The Nasuni Analytics Connector enables you to export a temporary second copy of your file data, in native object format, out of Nasuni to your separate cloud storage account (provided by your cloud storage provider), so you can use that copied data with data recognition tools, provided by a third party (not Nasuni), such as analytics software, AI and machine learning. AS SUCH EXTRACTED DATA IS NO LONGER BEING PROCESSED BY THE NASUNI SOFTWARE OR SERVICES, NASUNI HAS NO FURTHER OBLIGATIONS WITH RESPECT TO SUCH EXTRACTED DATA AND ANY LEGAL AGREEMENT OR TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU HAVE WITH NASUNI SHALL NO LONGER APPLY TO SUCH EXTRACTED DATA.

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Download (64-bit)


Download (64-bit)