Nasuni Analytics Connector - AWS

Turn file data into business insight by making it accessible to third-party cloud services.


Use Nasuni Analytics Connector to make a temporary copy of your file data in native object format so Compliance, Search, AI, and other cloud analytics services can be run against it.

Follow the steps below to run the latest version of the Nasuni Analytics Connector in your AWS environment by launching a custom AWS CloudFormation stack.

Please choose a region.
Choose a region to run the Nasuni Analytics Connector in.
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The Nasuni Analytics Connector will need access to your existing Nasuni Volume Encryption Key in order to access your data. To allow for this, you'll need to upload your Nasuni Volume Encryption Key into Parameter Store, in your own AWS account.

Complete the following form to securely upload the encryption key to Parameter Store in your AWS account.

Please provide an AWS Access Key ID.
Please provide an AWS Secret Access Key.
Please use the browse button to select a key to upload.

Upload Success!

Make sure to save this key for future use.


Copy with Ctrl-c

The Nasuni Analytics Connector supports accessing Nasuni Volumes backed by both AWS and Azure.

Please select a source cloud provider.

The Nasuni Analytics Connector supports a destination backed by both AWS and Azure.

Please select a destination cloud provider.

You're ready for launch! 🚀

Review the input options below and click the "Launch Stack" button below to continue.

The AWS region in which the Nasuni Analytics Connector will run.
Source Cloud
The cloud provider which hosts the source Nasuni volume.
Amazon Web Services
Destination Cloud
The cloud provider to which files from the source Nasuni volume will be exported.
Amazon Web Services

You will be prompted to login to your AWS account if not already logged in.