Nasuni Analytics Connector - AWS

Turn file data into business insight by making it accessible to third-party cloud services.

Release Notes

Keep up to date with latest changes to the Nasuni Analytics Connector.

Latest Release


June 24, 2021

New Features and Updates
  • Initial General Availability release of the Nasuni Analytics Connector on Azure. Check out the documentation.


June 8, 2021

Resolved Issues
  • Issue 1013: Issue with long running exports that could fail due to No space left on device error.


March 23, 2021

New Features and Updates
  • Updated several upstream Python dependencies to the latest available version.
  • Initial preview support for running the Analytics Connector in an Azure environment.


August 25, 2020

Resolved Issues
  • Issue 677: Issue deleting CloudFormation stack when using Azure as a destination.
New Features and Updates
  • Delta Exports - Ability to export only files that have changed between two snapshots. Check out the User Docs for details and considerations around this new feature.
  • New setting to filter out known temporary files and other inconsequential metadata files from exports by default. (Including MS Office temp files, Thumbs.db, .DS_Store, etc.)


July 31, 2020

Resolved Issues
  • Issues 620 & 632: Improved error reporting and hardening of retry logic when faced with throttling from cloud provider API calls.


July 9, 2020

Resolved Issues
  • Issue 614: Error affecting small percentage of exports to an Azure destination.
  • Issue 563: UniFS formatting issue related error affecting exports of some large files.


June 30, 2020

New Features and Updates
  • Initial General Availability release of the Nasuni Analytics Connector.
  • Support for Nasuni volumes backed by Azure Blob Storage.
  • Functionality to produce an Azure Blob-formatted copy of the data from a source Nasuni volume backed by AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage.
  • Cost Estimator to provide an estimate of projected costs for a given execution of the Analytics Connector.
  • Ability to provide a regex or glob pattern to define source files and directories that should be excluded from an export.
  • Ability to filter source files by minimum and maximum sizes.
  • Support for file sizes up to 500 GB.
  • Ability to process directories, without a cap on the number of items in them.
  • Integration with the existing Nasuni account dashboard, allowing customers self-service access to Analytics Connector licenses and metrics.
  • Documentation improvements including examples on how to automate the Analytics Connector.


November 24, 2019

New Features and Updates
  • Initial release to Early Access customers.
  • Wizard to assist in archiving Nasuni volume encryption key to customer AWS account, as well as launching the Nasuni Analytics Customer in that same customer account.
  • Ability to execute the Analytics Connector in 16 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions.
  • Functionality to produce an AWS S3 native formatted copy of the data from a source Nasuni volume backed by AWS S3 storage.
  • AWS CloudWatch Dashboard to provide insight into the progress and completion of the Analytics Connector.
  • Ability to filter source volume by a regex or glob pattern in order to target specific paths and files.
  • Supporting file sizes up to 5 GB.
  • Supporting directories containing up to 50,000 items.
  • User documentation to provide overview of full functionality of the Analytics Connector.
  • Capability to share error logs with Nasuni Support in the event of any errors during an Analytics Connector run.